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Particularly on a hot sunny day, and Hermanus has plenty, hot tea or coffee is simply too much.
Sitting under the trees sipping a cool drink or a fruit cocktail is a very pleasant way to cool down
Cold Beverages:
Fruit Juice R29.oo
Apple, orange, cranberry, guava, tropical, mango
Soft drinks - 300ml
Tizers - 330ml
Tomato cocktail - 200ml
Cordial mixes
Lime, passion fruit, cola-tonic, blue berry
Lipton Iced tea R35.oo
Lemon, peach and berry
Spring Water R27.oo
Still or sparkling
Milk Shakes R49.oo
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lime, bubule gum, banana, peanut butter & coffee
Barrel Fruit Smoothie R85.oo
No sguar, no puree, no dairy, no preservatives, no additives, just locally sourced fruit & berries
Walker Bay Breeze R85.oo
Strawberry, pineapple & banana
The Selkirk Big Catch R85.oo
Pineapple, mango & peach
Old Harbour Treasure R85.oo
Pineapple, mango, strawberry & blueberry
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This menu is a guide to what is available only and may change at any time
All items and ingredients are subject to availability
Recipes may be changed at any time
Please inform the staff of any food alergies or restrictions
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